Blogging is Hard

The title isn’t lying. Maybe it’s the fact that if I ever find myself with a little downtime I’m trying to catch up on sleep or explore a new corner of the city, whatever the reason, this girl has little time or energy for blogging as much as she thought she would.


To bring you up to speed: I’ve spent the past three weekends in Italy. The first involved a rainy trip north to Venice for Carnivale, the second involved an extremely rainy (we even got hailed on) weekend south in Pompeii and Sorrento, and this past weekend was spent in good old Roma with some nice sunshine.





 Turns out Venice is roughly a 7 hour bus ride from Rome. Sounds comfy, right? We were greeted there with rain and cold, not ideal but I haven’t quite figured out how to control the weather yet so we worked with what we had. Katie, Kailee, and I bought our Carnivale masks and took off for Burano, one of the Venetian islands, which is about a 45 minute boat ride from St. Marco Square where the Carnivale festivities were occurring. It’s the island you see on Pinterest or google with all the fun colored houses, and the pictures are not deceiving. Such a cute, little place!




We spent the rest of our short trip here wandering around St. Marco’s square and checking out what Carnivale was really all about. There were lots of masks involved, fun live music, and food and drinks. Some people get really into the festivities and go all out. The majority just had a simple half mask on, while others had full out costumes and full-faced masks. 

Kailee, Katie, and I. 



Some more extreme Carnivale-goers. 


People wonder why I don’t like masks……


I was bummed that I didn’t get to see very much of Venice because of our limited time there, but it was still an awesome trip and great to see more of Italy. It never ceases to amaze me how different cities can be even within the same country. All the more reason to love the ability to explore so much of it!


The following weekend involved a trip to Pompeii for my art history class. A few of us girls figured that since we would be so close to the Amalfi Coast, we should soak up a little time there and make a weekend of it. 

Pompeii was extremely interesting. My professor was extremely knowledgable about the area since she had done some excavating there herself. I had learned tidbits of information before making the trip there, but to hear more of the history and see what’s left of the ancient city was such a cool experience. 



Our few minutes of sunshine ^^, a more accurate depiction of the day seen below.




I was so fascinated with how much of the city is still around. When I thought of Pompeii, I thought a few ruins here and a few ruins there. But it’s an entire city left from Mt. Vesuvius’s eruption in 79 AD. 79 AD. So crazy to me. I can’t imagine how beautiful the city must have been in its prime. You can still see remnants of the beautifully colored facades of all of the buildings, the intricate frescos inside, and the gardens in every home. It would have been unbelievably beautiful. I think the same about Rome when I see the amazing marble ruins that remain. It’s too bad things can’t last that way forever. But I still feel lucky to be able to see what’s left from so long ago.








After calling the field trip short a little early due to the downpour, 4 of us girls headed for the train to Sorrento. While the weather was awful to us, we still had a nice weekend wandering around town. It’s such a cute area along the coast and so different from the busy streets of Rome, so even though we got hailed on, we enjoyed our time. We did a bit of shopping, some pizza and pasta eating, and lots of laughing at ourselves and the semi-awkward situations we frequently found ourselves in.



Jasmine, Bronte, me, and Katie.




Our new best friends at the Irish pub!




This past weekend I debated going to London with a few friends, but after waiting so long to book my flight and finishing midterms I decided a little time in Roma would be good for me.

Haley, Katie, and I hit the beach of Santa Marinella on Friday. It was 65 and sunny so the Minnesota girls in us needed to soak up the rays. It wasn’t the prettiest beach I’ve ever seen, but it was an easy train ride and super relaxing day laying by the water. Unfortunately it wasn’t quite warm enough to ditch the sweatshirt, but I’ll take it over the MN winter any day. 



On Saturday 8 of us girls set out for some American breakfast. BACON!!!! It wasn’t exactly the breakfast I had been picturing in my dreams but it was better than the cereal I’ve been living off of for the past two months. I loved it. We hit Via del Corso afterward for a little shopping and all went out later together as well. It was a really fun weekend.


I’m still enjoying my time so much… even though midterms sucked, but in what world don’t they? It’s so crazy to think that I’m already halfway done. I know the rest of my time here will fly by, especially since I won’t have another full weekend in Rome until the week before finals. Four days of classes this week and then we’re off on Spring Break for 10 days. I’m doing a trip through Bus2Alps and will be in Berlin, Amsterdam, Prague, and Paris. Unfortunately it wasn’t the trip I had originally signed up for, but because of a lack of numbers my plans to go to Prague, Budapest, Krakow, and Ljubljana got cancelled. I can tell I’m becoming a serious travel brat because I was a little disappointed to have to go to Paris again… Poor me. But I’m actually so excited to see some new places, and yes, even return to Paris. 😉


I’ve been trying my best to keep people updated but I feel like my to-do list is never quite finished and when I get the chance, I tend to pick sleep over blogging. It’s fun to be able to write about all that I’m experiencing, but I wish even more so that I could share it with everyone at home in person. Sometimes words just aren’t enough to convey everything I’ve experienced and learned about different cultures and myself since I’ve been here. As much as I miss everyone at home,  I’m so glad I took this opportunity and feel so thankful to have even had the chance to take it to begin with. Such a lucky girl!

Currently counting down the days until my mom and dad get here! Only 18 more!!! Can’t wait for those giant hugs and familiar faces. I was telling my mom today that I wouldn’t say I’m really homesick. Sure, there are things about home that I miss. Like clothes dryers, Target, and people who walk at a little faster of a pace… But the only thing I’m really missing are my people. They aren’t kidding when they say distance makes the heart grow fonder, cheesy but being away has only reaffirmed that I’ve got some really amazing people in my life. 


Life is good. 




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