Under the Tuscan Sun

No jet-setting for this girl this past weekend. But still a very fun weekend nonetheless! 

I have a serious love/hate relationship with Wednesdays. Let me explain. Wednesday in Rome are the equivalent of Thursday in St. Paul. Everyone goes out (assuming you don’t have a test the next day), everyone has a drink (…assuming you’re of age), and everyone stays out a little later than they need to (2:30 school night bedtime for all!) To get on with my point, Wednesdays are generally a pretty fun and social time, which is the part I love. The part I hate is that I have class Thursday at 9am. 9am doesn’t sound all that bad, but I must remind you, people don’t really leave to go out here until 12-1:30, making that 8:15 alarm come all too quickly. 

So, Wednesday night basically feels like the start of the weekend here. Or if you’re a really lucky soul, with no class on Thursday, it is the start of your weekend. Wednesday Katie, Kailee, Haley, and I met up with a few guy friends before heading out. We tried a new place in our neighborhood, which might become a new favorite hangout, before heading to Shari Vari, a club nearby (because that’s what people do here).

Thursday involved a solid nap after my two classes. But the day still had to be taken advantage of seeing as the weather wasn’t all too bad and our weekends in Rome are limited. We headed to Campo di Fiori, a very popular student hang out, to have dinner at our friend Arbi’s restaurant. We’ve made quite a few good friends with workers/owners of the places near us, which makes going to them all the more fun. Dinner was delicious. Could have licked the bowl clean (might have licked the bowl clean?). We got to chatting with the four American guys at the table next to us, and ended up bopping around to a few places with them. It was a super fun night, and reminded me how fun Rome is after not being here for a few weekends.

Friday I accidentally found myself shopping instead of doing homework… Oopse! To my defense, I did stop by the vatican on my way to the stores. Slightly justified? It was an early night as we had alarms set for 5:45 AM. Help. 

Saturday we were off to Tuscany for a wine tour with Bus2Alps, a company that plans European trips for students here. It was hard to keep my eyes open that early in the morning, but the drive was beautiful. Our first stop was Montepulciano. The town is basically built uphill and was quite the glute workout! Such a cute area. Fun fact: the final scenes of Twilight: New Moon were filmed in the town’s piazza. Another fun fact: there actually is no fountain in the middle of the square. Naturally, I needed a picture under the famous clock tower. 




We enjoyed the view as we wound up and down the streets of the town. As always, no pictures ever seem to do the real thing justice. So everyone should make the trip for themselves to see just how pretty it is! 🙂



Here we got a tour of a wine cellar that just so happened to be a torture chamber back in the day. How fun!! I was creeped out/probably am haunted now. But it was cool(?) to see. We tasted a few different kinds of wine, I wish I could tell you anything about them besides the fact that they were red, but it was crowded and loud in the sampling area. We also sampled 3 year aged cheese, but not just any kind of three year aged cheese… this was aged in a cave. Does Cub foods carry that?

Wine bottle opener or torture device??? I was honestly never quite sure which was which. 



45 minute drive and we arrived in Montalcino. Here we had a lovely vineyard and cellar tour and learned a lot about the manufacturing of the wine in this location. If you’re a winey, you’d enjoy it and I’d recommend it! 


Wine, anyone??



The view from here was beyond beautiful. Close your eyes and imagine the Tuscany of movies and that’s what you had looking over the vineyards here. We lucked out with weather and didn’t get rained on, which happens most days, but we did have to fight against the wind a bit. So when our photo shoot at the lookout over the hills began, we all struggled and laughed as hair flew in every which direction (the wine samples may have also attributed to the laughter).






I’m not kidding when I describe it as a photo shoot. Image

We had about a three hour drive back to Rome and while I stayed awake to enjoy the beauty of the majority of it, I will admit that I struggled to keep my eyes open for a few minutes.

It was a really great experience and I’m excited to go back to Tuscany when my parents come to visit at the end of March! 🙂 As I’m sure they are too. 😉

Sunday was a relaxed day. I could tell that I was starting to come down with a cold so I rested for the majority of it and attempted to go to bed quite early in hopes of beating the bug.

Well, the bug beat me. I’ve had a few restless nights and runny nose. But I suppose I can’t complain too much or put the blame on anyone besides myself when I think of how hard we’ve been running lately. Four months just isn’t enough to do and see everything on my bucket list, so sleep isn’t always my biggest concern. I’ve been trying to catch up this week and take it easy seeing as I’m off to Paris for the weekend tomorrow and there is no time to be wasted sick in bed. 


I’d love to blog more. I’ve got a few more great fun facts that I’ve learned and would love to share with you all soon. But time just hasn’t been permitting. I mean it is Wednesday after all! 😉


What says single better than Valentine’s day in Paris??? Not sure what I got myself into… but cheers to a great weekend here and at home! 🙂 Missing my family and friends as always. Thanks for reading! xoxo



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