18 Things You Need To Take Advantage Of While You Still Can

I love this. 17 couldn’t be more true to my life right now. “Forget the uncertainty. Ride with the tides.”

Thought Catalog

1. Being young and cute enough to still be bought drinks on a semi-regular basis.

2. Being able to soul-search and change your life direction without it being considered a crisis of sorts.

3. Your parents heath insurance for as long as you still have it.

4. The grace period for your student loans, or rather, if you can still remember that beautiful period of time, as you look ahead with the understanding that you’ll be indebted until the day you die.

5. Actually having enough free time to do Pinterest crafts.

6. Still having enough of your life ahead of you that there always seems to be something to look forward to without really having to try and find it.

7. Being able to come home to your apartment and be responsible for nothing but laying on your bed with wine and $1 pizza.

8. The (very) short-lived ability to…

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