Let the Learning Begin

Today concluded the first week of classes. And boy, does it feel like I’m learning a lot. (Mostly outside of the classroom… oopse!) In no particular order, the list is as follows:

1. When they tell you your apartment is on the fourth floor, and you think.. “Okay, four flights not too terrible.” You’re wrong. Here the fourth floor is actually the fifth floor, because the first floor is actually zero or ground level. I mean… I guess it makes sense. At first I thought, “Oh! This will be good. With all the carbs I’ll be eating and wine I’ll be drinking, this is God’s way of keeping me from getting super fat while I’m here!” But when your schedule has you going up and down those 5 flights like 6 times a day… they get really old, really fast. Who even needs a stair master!?

2. People don’t really wear hats here. You know those bad hair days of yours? Well, (you’ll love this dad) it is what it is. You can’t hide it. I have seen a few people here and there sporting a good all ball cap, but they certainly don’t blend in with the locals. I mean everyone already knows were American anyway…

3. Speaking of which… Everyone knows we’re American.  Before we even speak. I think I could just stand on the sidewalk and people would look at me and know. 

4. Little kids with accents are the most precious thing ever. Ever heard a toddler speak Italian? Heart melting. 

5. I didn’t bring enough black/brown/gray/navy clothing. That bright coral shirt I brought? Yeah… staying in the closet for a good while. I’ve never been one for lots of very dark colors in one outfit, but my time here just might convert me. Only allowed myself to look at dark colored clothing when I went shopping yesterday in hopes of solving my “problem.”

6. The quiet hours from 1-4 are really starting to make sense to me. I sure am perfecting my napping game. I don’t know if it’s still a little jet lag or just the fact that we’ve been constantly on the go for a solid week and a half, but if there’s time for a nap here, I’ll take it. So unlike my routine at home. 

7. People here don’t necessarily walk with a purpose like I think Americans, or at least I, do. I’ve gotten the mall walk down pretty good over the years and it sure is not coming in handy here. I’m trying to slow my roll a little since I’ve been here. I literally practice walking slower… What is life?

8. Everything happens later here. Dinner happens later, going out happens later, coming home happens later. Everything. Could very well explain number 6. 

9. Italians love PDA. I’ve been told that guys here often live with their parents until they’re like 60 years old or something. Not actually… but you know what I mean. So I guess kissing in the middle of the street, in the middle of the restaurant, in the middle of the bus, in the middle of anywhere is acceptable, because who wants to make out at mom and dad’s when you could do it in front of strangers!?

10. Dryers are one of the best inventions ever and everyone should have one. I’m spoiled, I know. But with a limited wardrobe here, laundry has to happen more frequently (rolls eyes). Without a dryer, our common room has turned into one giant drying rack. 

11. The time difference between here and home sucks. A lot of people aren’t awake or are at work during the times that are good for me to talk, and everyone’s available when I’m going to bed or without wifi. That’s probably been the hardest part about being gone so far. A girl just wants to call and text when she wants, ya know? Anyone want to wake up at 4am in MN to chat? Let me know.

12. Grocery store trips are going to be quite frequent. I’ve been moved in since the 7th, and I think I’ve been to the store more times in that span than I had gone all last semester. Not a huge fan of grocery shopping to begin with, but throw in foreign labels, a 20ish min walk, and hauling your bags back with you and you’ve got a recipe for one of my least favorite activities. (Again, I’m spoiled. I know)


Those are just some of the basic lessons I’ve learned in my journey thus far. It was a good week starting classes, trying to figure out a routine, and meeting more new people. This semester I’ll be taking Italian, history, two communications classes, and an on site art history class that will make me a top notch tour guide of the Roman monuments, hopefully! (Fall back career?) One of my communications classes involves analyzing Disney movies, history involved no textbook purchase, and Italian is sure to come in handy over the remaining months. Should be a wonderful semester. Oh and did I mention weekends start on Thursday at 1?


I unfortunately don’t have many pictures to share at this point because I haven’t been touristy enough. Soon my friends, soon. 


Missing you peeps at home! Ciao for now! XOXO


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