One Week and Counting


I guess I don’t know how to start the new year without a bang. Last year I woke up New Year’s Day, packed up my last few things and boarded a plane to the beautiful country of South Africa. J-term last year came and went in a blink. My time spent in SA was a dream. I walked off of the plane after a month in the beautiful summer weather with 22 new friends, a new found love of avocados, and a love for the culture, geography, and people of South Africa. 

A month in South Africa just wasn’t enough. Shortly after I got home, planning began for the next adventure, which has led me here writing this new blog.

In just a short eight days I’ll be waking up all too early (7am departure) to board a big silver bird heading across the Atlantic heading for Rome, and John Cabot University. 

Although a semester away from my family and friends is extremely intimidating, I’m beyond excited for the adventure that awaits me. Not loving the stress of preparing to leave, but looking at pictures of Rome, Interlaken, Barcelona, London, Paris (need I go on?), reminds me just how much of the world is out there waiting for me to explore. 

So cheers to another exciting start to the new year. Cheers to the new food and drink to be tasted, pictures to be taken, knowledge to be soaked up, new friends to be made, and most importantly the exciting adventure to come. 


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